Product FAQ

  • It should be stored below 25°C before it is opened
  • Once the bottle is opened, it can be stored in the refrigerator (4-6°C) and should be consumed within 24 hours
  • Vegetarian can be divided into complete vegetarian, milk vegetarian and milk/egg vegetarian
  • Milk and milk/egg vegetarian can take Hepa, 2kcal, Protein, Jucy drink and Protein powder because their protein is taken from milk
  • However, EPA and DHA is extracted from fish oil. During the process, the fish is sacrificed. Hence, Supportan is not suitable for vegetarian
  • Fresubin® 2kcal drink is high energy, high protein, nutritionally complete formula, designed for general patients with malnutrition.
  • Cancer patients usually have weight loss and malnutrition. Compared with other cancer nutrition, Supportan® drink is specially designed for cancer patients with low carbohydrate/high energy/high protein formula. Since cancer cells prefer to use glucose (instead of fat) as energy source, Supportan® formula provides energy to patients, not the cancer cells1.
  • Hence, Supportan® drink is better for cancer patients.
  • Daily drink 2 packs or bottles of Supportan, provides 2g EPA^@ to reduce the side effects of cancer treatments2, to increase the number of T lymphocyte, to improve the immunity for cancer patients3 and nutritional status3, to enhance the survival rate3.
  • High Protein maintains immunity and helps White Blood Cell production, repairs body tissues, compensates the protein loss and muscle loss2.
  • Supportan® drink & powder is the only cancer nutrition supplement with low carbohydrate/high energy/high protein. It is suitable for diabetic patient.
  • Each serving of Supportan® drink & powder contains only 23g carbohydrates (equivalent to 2 servings of carbohydrates , as a snack for supplement.)
  • Suggest to take Fresubin® Jucy drink (Apple/ Orange flavour) or Fresubin® Protein Powder (unflavour) to increase protein intake.
  • Fresubin® jucy drink is tailored for people with extra need of nutrition supplement. It provides body nutrients which include carbohydrate, protein, fat and various vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for people who does not have enough intake of protein and energy and lose appetite. It can be used for daily nutrition supplement, as alternative choice of milk.
  • Fresubin® Protein Powder contains 100% Whey protein. It is easy for absorption and utilization. One of its content – branched chain amino acid (BCAA) has high nutritional value. It can be added in drink or food.
  • Suggest to use room temperature water to mix with the powder until it is completely dissolved.
  • If you want to serve it warm, you can use room temperature water to mix it well before adding hot water. Please do not use hot water to mix with the powder directly.
  • They contain the same nutrients and they are different only in taste and product format.
  • Supportan® Drink has Tropical fruits and Cappuccino flavours in 200ml bottle.
  • Supportan® Powder has Vanilla flavour in 65gx7packs per box.
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