In General

The basic principle of Healthy diet is balanced nutrition. To obtain balanced nutrition, one has to eat 5 basic food: milk, meat, vegetable, fruit and grain plus to drink enough water. What is the appropriate portion for each kind of food. People with different genders, ages and exercises have different needs. We can make use of “Healthy food pyramid” to help us plan our daily diet. Diet with all kinds of foods is important in maintaining our body healthy.

Nutrition in foods is vital to our different organs. If the food intake is not enough because of psychological or physiological reasons, insufficient nutrition will make our body deficient of certain nutrition elements. This will create different health problems. Nutrition elements are divided into energy type and micronutrients type. The energy type includes carbohydrate, fat and protein. The micronutrient type includes various vitamins and minerals. To keep your body healthy, you have to maintain habit of balanced diet, to provide complete nutrition to your body to support metabolism, body movement and repair, defend against disease etc.