Supportan® Drink

Cancer patients usually have problem of malnutrition and weight loss1

Depending on types and severity of cancer, there are around 31% to 87% of cancer patients wil have weight loss2
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Product features

Supportan® matches with ESPEN* food recommendation. Compared with other cancer nutrition products, Supportan® has unique low carbohydrate, high energy, high protein formula** to supplement for cancer patients nutrition
ESPEN recommends cancer nutrition should have2 Supportan drink
Low carbohydrate and high energyHigh fat/ Low carbohydrate (40% energy/31% energy)
Since cancer cells cannot use fat as source of energy, the formula provides energy to the patients, not the tumour1,4
High proteinProvide 40g protein daily^
Maintain immunity, help repair tissue, compensate for the loss of protein and counteract loss of muscle1,5
Contains EPAProvide 2g EPA daily^@
Reduce side effects of therapy5
Can increase T cells which can improve cancer patients immunity3
Improve nutritional status of cancer patients3
Increase survival rate3
Contains anti-oxidant vitaminContain sufficient anti-oxidant vitamin help wound healing and reduce chance of infections6
Medium chain triglyceride (MCT#)

Can be absorbed by the body easily and convert into energy1,7

Prebiotic fibre

Water soluble fibre can soften faeces and promote intestinal health1,5

No lactose

Prevent diarrhea because of lactose intolerance

Research study

  1. 2 bottles of Supportan drink daily can provide 2g of EPA. Drinking after 7 weeks can increase the weight sigficantly1,8.
  2. Drink it in the period from diagnosis to after therapy. It can counteract muscle loss, maintain immunity and increase nutrition intake along the way of treatment!
  3. Recommend cancer patients to have daily intake of 2g of EPA for at least 8 weeks1.


Pineapple Coconut (NEW)/ Cappuccino/ Tropical fruit

Energy per bottle

300 kcal

Recommend dosage

  1. Nutritional supplement: 2-3 200ml bottles per day

Nutrition information

Ingredients Unit Per 100ml
- Unsaturated fatg3.9
- Saturated fatg2.8
Dietary fibreg1.5
Vitamin Aµg150
Vitamin D3µg2.5
Vitamin Emg3.75
Vitamin K1µg21
Vitamin B1mg0.3
Vitamin B2mg0.4
Vitamin B6mg0.43
Vitamin B12µg0.75
Pantothenic acidmg1.5
Folic acidµg62.5
Vitamin Cµg18.8

Sales outlets

Watsons Rx stores, Mannings Rx stores, Cheers gallery and Live Smart Rehab

For product enquiry or ordering, please call (852) 21761912

For details, please consult your doctor, dietitian or health care professional

Users sharing

Ms. Siu sharing

EPA can reduce the side effect of cancer treatment, help me regain strength. It makes me more alive and helps me finish the therapy on time

Mr. Lee sharing

Supportan is tailored for the need of cancer patients. It increases my appettite, supplements the nutrition and increases my weight

Suggested retail price

HK$ 40/200ml

*ESPEN = The European Society of Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism
^ 以每日兩杯加力康計算
@ EPA = Eicosapentaenoic Acid
# MCT = Medium Chain Triglycerides
~ 跟市面上兩隻最暢銷癌症營養品相比

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