Diben Drink


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Excellent energy profile
  1. Increase fat content as energy source (provide 42% energy) but fat is mainly comprised of healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acid (MUFA)
  2. Reduce carbohydrate as energy source (provide 35% energy) in order to reduce the chance of rising Glycemic index (GI)
Good fat proportion
  1. Increase proportion of Mono-unsaturated fatty acid (MUFA). Reduce proportion of saturated fatty acid. Research study shows that diet rich in MUFA can improve insulin function
  2. Compared with Low Chain Triglyceride (LCT), Medium Chain Triglycerid (MCT) is easier to be absorbed and converted into energy. Benefit of MCT is that it will not be stored as fat and help control weight
Low GI index of carbohydrate

The carbohydrate is tailored made for diabetes patient with low GI. It helps patient control and stabilize blood sugar level


Cappuccino, Vanilla